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  1. Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Countertop Spray

    $ 9.00

    Countertop Spray

  2. Caldrea Sweet Pea Stain Remover

    $ 10.00

    Stain Remover

  3. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Dish Soap

    $ 9.00

    Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Dish Soap is rich, concentrated, fragrant and effective. It contains natural degreaser soap bark extract for tough pans and aloe vera for soft hands. Clean rinsing and biodegradable.

  4. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage All Purpose Cleaner

    $ 12.00

    All Purpose Cleaner

  5. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Countertop Spray

    $ 9.00

    This Basil Blue Sage Countertop Spray instantly refreshes your home and mind. It's safe and effective on any non-porous surface, including natural stone.

  6. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Dryer Sheets

    $ 10.00

    These dryer sheets reduce static and add a fresh fragrance to linens and garments.

  7. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Hand Soap

    $ 10.50

    This hand soap makes your hands soft, clean, and fragrant. Aloe vera gel, olive oil, and essential oils cleanse and condition.

  8. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Linen and Room Spray

    $ 10.00

    Linen and Room Spray

  9. Caldrea Ginger Pomelo All Purpose Cleaner

    $ 12.00

    This all purpose cleaner is perfect for tile, wood floors, natural stone and other countertops, cupboards, and more!